A Government of the People

A friend of mine, who sadly I have not seen for far too long, recently ran for a local precinct position during the primaries. Of the 14 seats available, only two names were listed, my friend’s name plus one more. The rest of the spaces on the ballot were blank for write-ins. THIS right here is why we have lost control of our government. Nobody is showing up to the table. 

I’ve said it before. Every seat on every board in every community is important. If we are not showing up, we are ceding control of our communities, our states, and our nation to those who may not share our interests. 

… and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” Excerpt from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. 

Nobody realized how important their local school board was until they found out they were indoctrinating our children with racist content, hate and age inappropriate sexually explicit material. Nobody realized the control they have given up until school boards began having parents arrested for speaking out about non-educational content, boards covering up sexual assaults and teachers sexually grooming students. 

Nobody cared about planning commissions and zoning boards until they realized these were the people responsible for making sure no firearms or ammunition retailers could operate in their cities and towns. Nobody noticed they had rewritten the bureaucratic processes against the small business lifeblood of the community until they learned there is no way for them to fairly appeal a board decision. Nobody thought their local town or city council was important until they found out they were implementing their own nonsense gun control ordinances, while at the same time handcuffing and defunding local law enforcement. 

While most people pay attention to the national political puppet show, they tend to ignore the state and local levels, not realizing the actions of these legislative bodies impact their day-to-day lives more than national level politics do. 

An article I recently read tried to explain that because Republicans are more focused on families and religious activities, they tend to not get into political or civic offices as much as Democrats. The explanation seemed to backhandedly imply Democrats were godless, family haters as opposed Republicans. Not exactly what I’d call a logical political theory, but we definitely have a problem with conservative voices showing up. 

I believe a more rational explanation is that more conservatives / Republicans share a Ron Swanson (Parks & Recreation) view of government. Government should be as small and as limited as possible. Period. 

A Ron Swanson view of government: “My idea of a perfect government is one guy who sits in a small room at a desk, and the only thing he’s allowed to decide is who to nuke. The man is chosen based on some kind of IQ test, and maybe also a physical tournament, like a decathlon.”

The problem with this approach is without representation from all points of view, only the people who are actively trying to shred our Constitution and Bill of Rights and transform our country into their utopian socialist nation are in the government and making decisions for the rest of us. 

To quote The West Wing; “Decisions are made by those who show up.” 

The good news is conservative voices are now fighting their way back to the table. Responsible, concerned parents are reclaiming their school boards. Conservative members of the communities are recovering seats on local and county boards. But while there is success and momentum in the right direction, it is also a time to be cautious. 

Lifelong Democrats are registering as Republicans for local, state and federal posts. Funded by the Democratic Party, they are put in as spoilers to siphon off votes for actual Republican candidates. If they do win, they vote as Democrats. In some areas, the Democrats are hand selecting their Republican opponents. The local liberal press then run stories about how they are “the only Republican who can beat X”. Of course, they are the candidates who have absolutely zero chance of beating anyone, but it keeps viable candidates out of the race. The lesson to learn here is to get to know who is running. 

Who is the best candidate? It’s someone you already know. It’s your neighbor, your friend, your local business employee or owner, or maybe it’s that person you see in the mirror every single morning. 

Not everyone has the time and inclination to serve, but I’d rather have someone who is willing to take on a position and serve their community for a short period of time than someone looking for the entrance ramp to the swamp. 

Remember, the best way to stop unconstitutional laws is to prevent them from being enacted in the first place.  It’s time to fill that ballot with people who will represent YOU. 

Yes, it does matter who you vote for. 


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Today Was A Good Day For The Second Amendment

Today is truly a good day for free, law-abiding people in our country. The United States Supreme Court has struck down New York’s “May Issue” concealed carry permit law which prevented ordinary citizens from bearing arms to defend themselves in public. While the case was specifically about the New York law, it applies to all other states which also demand applicants to provide “proper cause” to receive government permission carry a firearm for self-defense outside their homes. This historic ruling also updated standard courts must follow when deciding Second Amendment cases. 

Justice Clarence Thomas wrote for the majority that the Constitution protects “an individual’s right to carry a handgun for self-defense outside the home.”

Today’s ruling (linked below) is 135 pages long and is still being read and digested. While most everyone is focusing on the positive, constitutional aspects, the gun control community is digging in their heels. Rather than accepting the ruling and working towards compliance with the new law-of-the-land, they are actively looking for loopholes or workarounds to circumvent it. 

Here is a sampling of statements from some of the biggest proponents of unconstitutional gun control: 

The Governor of the State of New York: 
“It is outrageous that at a moment of national reckoning on gun violence, the Supreme Court has recklessly struck down a New York law that limits those who can carry concealed weapons.”
“I would like to point out to the Supreme Court justices that the only weapons at that time were muskets. I’m prepared to go back to muskets.”

The Mayor of the New York City: 
“Nothing changes today… It ignores the presence (sp) and it endangers our future.”

The Governor of the State of California: 
“A dark day in America. This is a dangerous decision from a court hell bent on pushing a radical ideological agenda and infringing on the rights of states to protect our citizens from being gunned down in our streets, schools, and churches. Shameful.”

The United States Department of Justice: 
“We respectfully disagree with the Court’s conclusion that the Second Amendment forbids New York’s reasonable requirement that individuals seeking to carry a concealed handgun must show that they need to do so for self-defense. The Department of Justice remains committed to saving innocent lives by enforcing and defending federal firearms laws, partnering with state, local and tribal authorities and using all legally available tools to tackle the epidemic of gun violence plaguing our communities.”

And finally, from the President of the United States: 
… “I urge states to continue to enact and enforce commonsense laws to make their citizens and communities safer from gun violence. As the late Justice Scalia recognized, the Second Amendment is not absolute. For centuries, states have regulated who may purchase or possess weapons, the types of weapons they may use, and the places they may carry those weapons. And the courts have upheld these regulations.”

There are of course many, many more rants from politicians, activists, actors and your average, everyday alt-left lunatic fringe. All reveal that they have absolutely zero intention to comply with the Supreme Court’s rulings and will do everything in their power to circumvent the decision by implementing more unconstitutional, draconian gun control laws that have NEVER done anything to prevent violence or death. 

Today was a good day for the Second Amendment, but it is only the beginning. May Issue laws in California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia must be challenged under the new standard and repealed, along with a host of other gun control laws implemented under flawed standards by activist judges in prejudicial courts. 

Anyone in New York or any other “May Issue” state thinking they will be able to run down to their local police or sheriff station tomorrow and get their brand spank’n new conceal carry permit is mistaken. In contrast to the lightning speed they implement new restrictions on firearms from other court rulings, this new ruling from the highest court in the nation is going to be slow walked to death before they are forced to give up that gun, and people control. 

Remember, it shouldn’t take 100 years to reclaim your Second Amendment protected rights. Only you can prevent unconstitutional gun laws from being enacted in the first place.

Yes, it does matter who you vote for. 


Full text of ruling: https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/21pdf/20-843_7j80.pdf

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Reclaiming NOT Expanding Second Amendment Rights

Perhaps as soon as this week, the United States Supreme Court will issue a decision in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen. The issue before the court is whether the state of New York’s denial of petitioners’ applications for concealed-carry licenses for self-defense violated the Second Amendment. However, it is the underlying facts that may ultimately decide whether Second Amendment protected rights are applicable outside the home. This case has the potential to be as significant as Heller and McDonald. 

As with all Supreme Court cases, it could be a narrow decision applicable only to New York’s highly restrictive and discriminatory conceal carry permit laws, or wider to include other states with similar conceal carrying permits that require applicants to show “proper cause” or a “special need for self-protection”, namely California, Maryland, Rhode Island, Delaware, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Hawaii. There is also the chance this ruling may even include setting the standard by which all Second Amendment cases are to be decided. 

What it is NOT is an expansion of Second Amendment rights. This is a lie created by the gun control groups to scare people into thinking they will be less safe. None of it is true. 

Despite many people trying to pick apart, redefine, reinterpret or creatively reimagine it, the 27 words of the Second Amendment remain extraordinarily clear. 

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

One of the most widespread misconceptions about the Second Amendment is that it grants the right to bear arms. The truth is, it does nothing of the kind. It merely protects that right. The right to bear arms is considered a natural right, one that is not dependent on the laws or customs of any culture or government. Rights of this kind are also called inalienable or even God given rights, inherent to all persons.

Despite this, the nation, states and individual cities and communities have been writing laws to infringe upon the right to keep and bear arms since it was adopted on December 15, 1791. In fact, those defending New York’s highly restrictive gun control law in Bruen note that the law is over 100 years old, thus they claim any reversal of it would be an expansion of Second Amendment rights. 

But what the anti-gun zealots call an expansion, is in fact a reclaiming of rights that preexisted BEFORE the unconstitutional gun control law was put in place.

Sadly, Bruen shows how long it can take to reverse unconstitutional laws. If in fact the law in question is over 100 years old, then it took over 100 years for it to be successfully challenged and appealed to the United States Supreme Court to be (hopefully) ruled unconstitutional and reversed. 

It’s a fool’s errand to believe that once a law has been enacted, it can successfully be drawn back. Of the thousands of gun control laws passed around the country, precious few are successfully appealed and reversed. The only ones who benefit from the fight are the lawyers. The best way, the ONLY way to stop them is to prevent them from being enacted in the first place.  

As is the norm now for cases being decided by the Supreme Court, states and cities around the country who disagree with projected decisions are preparing their response. Not how to fully comply with the decision mind you, that would mean they accept the decision of the highest court in the land. Since they know better than the Supreme Court, they are crafting ways to circumvent the new law-of-the-land and accomplish the very same thing just ruled unconstitutional in a new and creative way. 

This is nothing new, especially in the gun control community. Each time a ruling comes out against a gun control law, the anti-gun zealots come up with new ones to take its place. States with highly restrictive concealed carry laws have been particularly good at coming up with new requirements like physical and mental health exams, training and qualifications, multiple interviews, waiting periods, numerous trips to the police station for appointments, all only available during the day during the work week, and ever-increasing fees, fees and even more FEES to help limit who they have to give a permit to. 

Remember that each and every time a state has proposed eliminating permits for concealed carry, gun control zealots, led by the activist Giffords organization, has flooded the airwaves and internet with “research” and “studies” showing this would directly lead to people settling all their disputes in restaurants, bars, stores and the streets with guns. It would be the wild, wild west and there would be blood running in the streets of American cities. 

Yet each and every time, the exact opposite has happened. Violent crime has gone down and public safety increases. 

As we wait for the Bruen decision, let’s keep in mind what has been happening with regards to conceal carry across the country. 25 states now do not require a permit to carry a concealed firearm in public, otherwise known as constitutional carry. That’s half the country that says you don’t need government permission to lawfully carry a firearm outside your home. The national trend is clearly in the opposite direction from New York’s highly restrictive permitting scheme, and there are at least 25 states where we are all safer because of it. 

It shouldn’t take 100 years to reclaim your Second Amendment protected rights. Only you can prevent unconstitutional gun laws from being enacted in the first place.

Yes, it does matter who you vote for. 


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USS SCOTUS Succumbs To The Swamp

For the first time in the 232-year history of the United States Supreme Court, the full text of a draft opinion was released to the public in advance of the actual ruling. While there have been other minor leaks of information about pending decisions, there had never been anything like the leak of the draft in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, a case which may reverse or severely limit the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision. 

For me, the case itself is immaterial. The fact that the confidentiality of the Court’s deliberations has been breached is of more concern. With this leak, the final branch of the United States government has succumbed to the depths of the swamp. I am sad to report the USS SCOTUS has sunk. 

One of the great distinguishing characteristics of the United States Supreme Court had always been its lack of leaks. Of the three branches of government, SCOTUS has always been unique in that it has never been a source of major political leaks, whereas the other two branches leak like a sieve. Why the Administration and Congress even have press offices is a mystery when more partisan information, and disinformation, flows out the back door than through the official channels.

It’s not that SCOTUS isn’t political, the fact that there are conservative and liberal wings of the Court instead of simply having Justices that rule on Constitutional and rule of law issues without an ideologic filter proves that. 

Chief Justice John Roberts has ordered an investigation into the source of the leak calling it an “egregious breach of trust”. The latest news of the investigation indicates some of the Court’s law clerks are seeking legal representation after being asked for phone records. A bit on the ironic side. 

There are some interesting points about the leak itself. That the draft opinion is dated February 10th and the story didn’t publish until May 2nd is part of the intrigue. Did the highly partisan left “news” outlet hold onto the story until a specified time for maximum political impact, or did it take that long for the leaker to get it to them? 

The biggest question is of course who leaked the document. Numerous articles from those with experience in the Court indicate access to this type of information is strictly limited to the nine Justices, each of their four law clerks and a few administrative personnel. As such, the speculation has been wild, including: 

One of the liberal Justices
One of the liberal Justices’ law clerks 
One of the conservative Justices 
One of the conservative Justices’ law clerks
Chief Justice Roberts himself
The President of the United States (although someone would have had to leak it to him)

Most everyone agrees the reason was to pressure one of the conservative Justices to change their minds on a subsequent, final vote. The alternative view is it was done to distract the people from the many issues the country is facing including the out-of-control inflation and price increases, a looming recession, shortages of consumer goods, supply chain issues, skyrocketing crime, an unsecured border, and our disastrous foreign policy (Afghanistan, Middle East, Ukraine, Russia, China, Taiwan, etc.), to name but a few. Either, or both is plausible. 

The Administration has been quick to add fuel to the fire by not only encouraging protests at the homes of the conservative Justices, illegal under federal law, but by refusing to investigate or prosecute these crimes. Congress also refused to pass legislation to increase security for the Justices and their families following the arrest of a man who admitted he was going kill one of the conservative Justices: The Speaker of the House commented: “There will be a bill. But nobody is in danger over the weekend because of our not having a bill.” Confident words of encouragement from someone who lives in a security bubble. 

There has been the usual “Reform the Court” talk that typically follows the news of a potential Supreme Court decision that does not comply with the wishes of the extreme left. The same “pack the court” and “term limits for justices” arguments were dusted off and paraded out to the press. 

It’s not like there isn’t precedent for successful pressuring of the Supreme Court. Recall the Senate Democrats “Heal Thyself” letter threatening to pack the Court if it didn’t moot the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. City of New York. This letter is widely credited with not only Chief Justice Roberts decision to moot the case but to more firmly side with the left wing of the Court. As a result, the Court was saved from being packed, at least temporarily. But this capitulation showed the Court can be politically influenced and is in danger of no longer being an independent branch of government. 

Will the leaker and anyone involved in the leak ever be identified and brought to justice? I’m going to guess no. I believe the person or persons responsible may already be known but will never be publicly outed. Why can best be explained by quoting Obi-Wan Kenobi. “If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can imagine.” 

Publicly identifying, terminating, and criminally charging the leaker would create a martyr, someone who would become powerful political figurehead for the extreme alt-left. As such, the world may just live with rumors and suspicions, and another asterisk next to Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Roberts. 

What this means to us in the Second Amendment community remains to be seen but I’ll repeat what I’ve said before. Yes, it does matter who you vote for.


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Sacrificing Our Children 

I am shocked, angry, and disgusted.

As we await the final details of what happened in Uvalde, Texas, I am shocked at the horrific loss of young, innocent life. I cannot even imagine what would possess someone to commit such an atrocity. I am angry that the now commonplace, proven best practices were not followed and for the response that may have cost lives. I am disgusted by the politicians who jumped in front of the nearest camera to push their political agenda while children were still bleeding. Disgusted, but at the same time not at all surprised. 

There are a lot of questions that will need to be answered here and I fear it will be quite some time before all the facts are brought to light. Some are likely to be very disturbing. Like most decent people, I will wait until the investigation is complete. 

What I will comment on now is the disgusting display of anti-gun politicians, activists and talking heads who immediately upon hearing the news of this horrific event, grabbed their prewritten and staged gun control plans, and raced to the nearest willing “news” outlet to spew their lies about how THEIR new gun control laws must be enacted now! All of this while the bodies of those killed are still warm and the injured are still bleeding, fighting for their lives. 

Who have these gun control zealot politicians, activists and so-called journalists blamed for this shooting? The Texas Governor (for making it easier to carry concealed firearms to protect yourself in public); Republican politicians at the local, state and federal level (for supporting the Second Amendment); The firearm manufacturer, distributor and retailer (who all followed the absolute letter of the law); The NRA (who held their annual convention the weekend following the shooting and have yet to have a member responsible for a mass shooting); And every responsible firearm owner who’s ever owned a AR-15 pattern rifle (since AR-15’s only exist to kill innocent people en masse). 

Notably absent from the to blame list for this tragedy, and every other shooting that doesn’t fit a certain left-wing narrative, is the actual person who committed it, the killer. It’s almost as if a deraigned psychopath who commits murder isn’t important in the greater push for more gun control. 

So why haven’t schools been hardened and secured, with armed police/security on duty at every school? Here’s my theory, and it’s not very nice: 

The anti-gun zealots are willing to sacrifice our children to get more restrictive gun control passed. What better way to get votes than to have sensational news and social media coverage about dead children killed by GUNS. They categorically refuse to consider any other option to prevent the loss of innocent lives. It is ONLY about the GUNS, and little coffins make that happen.

Don’t believe it? California had already banned properly trained and licensed teachers and administrators from carrying firearms on school grounds. This reversed a previous law allowing local superintendents to decide if and who could be armed. Now California is considering a bill, passed in the Senate two days AFTER the shooting in Uvalde, which would allow schools to not report threats or attacks against employees or officials to law enforcement.  

There has been a nationwide left-wing push to remove police officers from schools because of alleged police “explicit and implicit racism” and an imagined “school-to-prison” pipeline. Thus, the very people who should be working inside schools to protect students and staff from those who mean them harm are intentionally kept away. Meanwhile, schools are protected by signs declaring them as a “Gun Free Zone”. 

Keep in mind 98% of all mass shootings in the United States since 1950 have occurred in a “Gun Free Zone”.

The final word comes from the President of the United States who refuses to consider hardening schools since only guns are the problem. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre says proposals that deal with “hardening schools…is not something that” President Biden “believes in” b/c “the problem is with guns” in America.

What would help? Schools hardened against threats, single entrances, locks, alarms, surveillance systems and armed law enforcement on site and trained/armed teachers and school staff. None of this is new. Following the Columbine massacre more than 20 years ago, everything about school security and law enforcement response to active shooters changed. There are programs all across the country to evaluate school security and create a plan to bring them up to date. Elected officials only need to ask for the help.

It’s not like politicians don’t like hardened buildings and armed police on site. Look at the offices and buildings our United States Representatives and Senators work in. Look at every state capitol around the country after the fictional threat of a nationwide attack circulated. Look at local school board meetings where law enforcement officers are in the aisles to protect the school board and arrest parents who dare to question them. Look at the FBI who, despite denials, are investigating concerned parents as domestic terrorists. 

Would it cost a lot? Yup, it sure would. But while our federal government is sending billions of dollars overseas, it defers school security decisions, and costs, to the state and local levels. Meanwhile, our same federal government is more than willing to impose new draconian gun control laws across the country to every state and local jurisdiction. 

Several states, including California and New York, as well as the federal government, are rushing to ram through massive gun-control packages while emotions are still raw. This repulsive effort is directly out of the playbook of former Presidential Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, which states: “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.  The tragic loss of life is simply an opportunity to progress an agenda that couldn’t get traction before. 

Naturally, none of the proposed new laws would have done anything to prevent this tragedy or any other criminal act. They only impact the law-abiding, making them less safe. 

Remember, gun control does absolutely nothing to increase public safety and the answer to fix that shortcoming is always to implement more gun control.

Our nation doesn’t need new laws, it simply needs to enforce the ones we already have. We need to hold those who commit crime accountable for their actions. Social justice district attorneys across the country are refusing to do their jobs and prosecute people who break the law. This has directly led to massive increase in violence and crime. On the rare occasion criminals are actually caught by a defunded police force, they are seldom held more than a few hours and rarely go to prison anymore. That’s not much of a disincentive to committing any type of crime and the results of these social justice experiments can be seen across the country. 

And what about fixing our mental health care system? That’s a whole nother story. 

Something does need to be done, and it’s getting rid of politicians willing to sacrifice our children in order to push their dangerous and irresponsible gun control only agenda. 

Yes, it does matter who you vote for. 


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Washington’s Starter Magazine Ban

Following in the footsteps of other anti-Second Amendment states, Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed three new gun control measures last week. The bills include a ban on so-called “ghost guns”, further bans on carrying firearms in public places and of course, banning magazines over ten rounds. With this, the Evergreen State joins nine other states who have restricted magazine size in the unfounded claim of public safety. 

In the Governor’s announcement, Inslee boasted, “The NRA’s stranglehold on this state has been broken. And the reason is because of the courage of the parents, and the courage of legislators, too …” Here we see the Governor evoke the past reputation of the NRA. Like all politicians who want to sound a little tougher than they really are, he adopted the ‘I took on the NRA and won’ lie. 

In a further ridiculous move, the Governor attempted to imply a threat of violence from law abiding firearm owners, closing the state capital for several hours before and after the bill signing. The Washington State Patrol said there was no specific threat, but the closure was a “prudent precaution”. 

News stories of the signing attempted to link the new laws to increases in public safety by noting the completely unrelated information that robberies with a firearm in Los Angeles, California, are “up 44 percent from 2021” and “57 percent from 2020. Missing from the story is California’s decades old ban on so-called “high capacity” magazines (the enforcement of which is being held up pending the resolution of Duncan v. Becerra) or that California has the “strongest gun control laws in the United States”, boasting a Gun Law Scorecard Grade of A. 

Have you ever wondered why magazine bans are at 10 rounds? There really isn’t any rhyme or reason to it. 15 was apparently too many and seven as implemented and ruled unconstitutional in New York was too few. There certainly isn’t any science or research to support it. If you read the explanation from an extremist gun control, think tank/quasi law center, you see how careful wording is used to justify it. It explains how few self-defense shootings “needed” more than 10 rounds and how many firearms from unlawful shootings were found with “large capacity magazines”. No mention of the fact that more rounds HAVE in fact saved the lives of law-abiding citizens or the ACTUAL number of shots fired by criminals, just the capacity of their magazines. Facts matter, unless you’re trying to infringe on constitutionally protected natural rights.

Limiting the ability of law-abiding citizens to effectively defend themselves under the guise of making everyone safer implies everyone who buys a firearm with a standard capacity magazine is the next mass shooter in waiting. The vast, Vast VAST majority of the 400 million plus personally owned firearms in this country are owned and utilized lawfully. They prevent crime and defend their owners an estimated one to two million times per year in the United States, with defensive uses of firearms outnumbering felonious uses between 30 and 80 to one. 

In the title I referred to Washington’s new law a “starter: magazine ban. I call it this because it includes a grandfather clause. Grandfather clauses are a popular way to get gun control legislation to pass. It’s illegal now, but since you already own it, you won’t have to give it up. This makes it easy to sell the ‘nobody is coming for your guns’ line when you don’t have to give up what you already have. But there’s a lot more to it than many realize. 

One of the biggest problems with the grandfather clause is your property can never be passed along to your family. How many of us have been bequeathed a firearm or accessories from a parent, grandparent or other relative? Other than the actual monetary value, those items represent a passing of heritage from one generation to the next.  Except now, your too-dangerous-to be-in-your-civilian-hands magazine will never see the light of day again. Hopefully your descendants will be satisfied with what they are allowed to own in the future. 

The other, less publicized consequence of a grandfather clause is it is nothing more than words on a piece of paper. At some point, a gun hating politician is going to look at all those grandfathered items out there and simply say – let’s get rid of them.  The grandfathered exemption is taken away and your property, the property they promised you could keep for as long as you lived, is now illegal for YOU to own and you must turn it in or be criminally charged for possession of illegal items. 

Think it can’t happen? Way back in 2000 California outlawed so-called “high capacity” magazines. Anything over the arbitrary 10 rounds was ruled as too-dangerous-to be-in-your-civilian-hands unless you already owned them – the grandfather clause. Then in 2016, they changed their minds and removed that exemption. Go ahead and turn them in please. 

Grandfather clauses are nothing more than deferred confiscation notices. It may not be for a few years or a few decades, but that grandfathered item is going to be taken and destroyed.

Washington absolutely will update their so-called “high-capacity” magazine law one day and possession of any magazine that holds more than 10 rounds will be made illegal. Count on it. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s a fool’s errand to believe that once a law has been enacted, it can successfully be drawn back. Of the thousands of gun control laws passed around the country, precious few are successfully appealed and reversed. The only ones who win from this are the lawyers. The best way – the ONLY way to stop them is to prevent them from being enacted in the first place.  And the only one who can do that is you.


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And Indiana Makes 24!

On Monday, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb signed the bill which removed the permit requirements for open or concealed carry in the state. Indiana now becomes the 24th constitutional carry state in the nation, the third to do so in 2022. Are you noticing the trend yet? 

As always, the gun control zealot groups opposed this but were joined by the Indiana State Police, officers and representatives from the Fort Wayne Police Department, Evansville Police Department, the Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Indiana State Fraternal Order of Police. 

Opponents, many of whom involved in the now defunct, “Defund the Police” movement, claim to be backing the police by saying it will put law enforcement lives in danger. They also falsely claim “Weakening permitting systems has increased gun violence in other states and is broadly opposed by law enforcement, including law enforcement in Indiana.”

Again, I highlight the opposition from law enforcement groups. While the official stance of the “department”, it typically reflects only the opinion of those at the top, the chief law enforcement officers, and their rulers-in-waiting staff, whom I collectively refer to as politicians with badges. Meanwhile, survey after survey of the rank-and-file officers dramatically opposed to gun control laws. Still, public policy and enforcement priorities are set by the politicians, not those who are actually working the street. As such, many are faced with the choice of following orders of dubious constitutional validity, and not having a job. Sadly, it is the citizens who lose in this situation. 

In condemning constitutional carry, the gun control crowd always point to self-funded “research” which shows how strong gun control laws make the public safer and weak gun laws spur violence. Of course, they fail to mention that the violence is in the most gun-controlled areas and they always blame the weaker gun laws of OTHER states, which DO NOT have the same violence levels as the most gun controlled areas. 

Remember, gun control does absolutely nothing to increase public safety and the answer to fix that shortcoming is always to implement more gun control. 

Congratulations Indiana! 


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And Ohio Makes 23!

On Monday, March 14th, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed a bill removing permit requirements for carrying a concealed firearm in the state. His action follows last week’s adoption of constitutional carry in Alabama. 

As was expected, the usual suspects of gun control / anti-gun zealots were involved in trying to defeat the bill. And, just as troubling as it was in Alabama, a number of law enforcement groups aligned with the gun control community. 

The Ohio Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, Ohio Fraternal Order of Police and the Ohio Mayors Alliance joined a number of sheriffs in opposition. 

Hamilton County Sheriff Charmaine McGuffey said, “It’s a fantasy to think this is going to make us safer.” “The shooting accuracy of trained deputies and police officers drops to about 40% in high stress situations. And that’s for an expert shooter. You are going to have people carrying that have no training.”

In another article at another time we can talk about how sad and inaccurate Sheriff McGuffrey’s comments are, both on referring to deputies and police officers as “expert shooter”s and that the general public has no training and would not be able be as accurate. 

But this shouldn’t surprise any of us as the same false rhetoric about shoot-outs over minor issues, blood flowing in the streets and cities turned into the wild, wild west was being spread in Ohio. 

In case you haven’t noticed, when it comes to gun control, the chief law enforcement officers, those I refer to as politicians with badges, have little need the constitutionally protected rights of the citizens they are supposed to be protecting. If the solution doesn’t involve THEIR department, THEIR discretion and THEIR officers, it is unnecessary and dangerous. 

This should concern each and every one of us, in every state. The gun control zealots are going to do everything they can to reverse these laws and bring back the arbitrary, expensive, and discriminatory practice of having someone decide who is deserving of being able to defend their own life and the life of their families.  

Every seat in every election is important. Those who cannot defend the entire Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution instead of just the rights THEY agree with, do not deserve to represent us. 

Meanwhile, our attention is now turned to Georgia who may become the 24th to become a constitutional carry state.

On a sad note, the Republican supermajority legislature of the State of Florida has closed their 2022 session without passing constitutional carry. 

Congratulations Ohio! 


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Constitutional Carry in Alabama!

On March 10, 2022, Alabama became the 22nd state to eliminate the need to obtain a permit to carry a concealed firearm. 

Fun fact: On March 1, 2021, I wrote about Utah and Montana joining the ranks of constitutional carry states, making for a new total of 18. I like the way this is heading. 

Alabama now joins Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming in recognizing citizens right to concealed carry a firearm for self-defense.

As the gun control / anti-gun zealots have done every time legislation is considered to allow permitless carry for firearms, they put their propaganda machine into overdrive. Alabama was no exception. Wild stories spread about how there will be shoot-outs over minor issues, blood flowing in the streets and cities turned into the wild, wild west. 

Among those who spoke against constitutional carry was the Alabama Sheriff’s Association, who worked with the ultra-anti-gun group Moms Demand Action to attempt to defeat the bill. When asked if he would support an amendment to the Constitution explicitly limiting Second Amendment rights to the home, Alabama Sheriff’s Association director Robert ‘Bobby’ Timmons said, “Oh yeah…I’d be in favor of that. But, I mean, it would never get passed.”

Mobile Sheriff Sam Cochran even made the often used false suggestion that constitutional carry would create an environment where a criminal who currently cannot carry a gun would be able to do so.

Many contend being able to carry a firearm outside your home is a privilege and subject to any form of “reasonable” regulation, control, and fees the government decides to impose. The most frequently used comparison – and used again in Alabama – is to that of a driver’s license. Of course, the ability to operate a motor vehicle on a public highway isn’t a constitutionally protected natural right, it is a privilege. But that’s what the gun control lobby want you to believe, that driving a car and carrying a firearm are the same thing. They have always wanted to restrict or revoke your rights and turn them into privileges they can control and restrict. 

If you have to ask for permission to exercise a right, it’s a privilege. 
If you have to pay a fee to exercise a right, it’s a privilege. 
If you have to take training and tests to exercise a right, it’s a privilege. 
If you have to carry a license or permit to exercise a right, it’s a privilege.  
If you can be denied exercising a right, it’s a privilege. 

They point to “emerging data”, self-funded “academic studies” and “research” showing how violent crime will increase when permitless carry is allowed. They allege that only strong, “may issue” carry laws are appropriate. Only laws where persons applying for permission to carry a firearm in public must prove they have “good cause” or “justifiable need” to carry a firearm as well as demonstrate they are of “good character”. This is usually combined with significant mandatory training, substantial license fees and the ability of the issuing authority to deny their permit for any reason, or no reason at all, is the only way to allow a precious few the privilege of being able to carry a firearm outside their homes. 

What really happens when more people are allowed to carry concealed firearms? Violent crime goes down. That’s all. No gun fights in the streets, no people shooting up the town or duels at high noon. Maine’s experience is typical. The state went from the third safest state in the nation to the safest state in the nation following their move to being a constitutional carry state.

Note that I mentioned the anti-constitutional carry Sheriffs and Sheriff’s Association here by name because it is important for the citizens of Alabama to understand where their elected officials stand on protecting their constitutionally protected rights. Reserving rights for themselves and those they determine worthy of being able to defend their lives and the lives of their families falls far short of their oath of “… support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of Alabama…”. Hopefully the citizens of Alabama will remember this the next time they see these names on a ballot. 

Congratulations Alabama! 

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Yes, The Second Amendment Is Still Relevant

The world is focused on Ukraine right now and the heroic efforts being made there to remain a free, sovereign nation. While the Ukraine military is putting up a valiant battle against a larger and more technically advanced military force, everyday Ukrainian citizens have been called up to fight. There is no fiercer and more determined fighter than one who is defending their own soil.

Just before the Russian invasion, Ukraine’s parliament granted permission for Ukrainians to carry firearms and act in self-defense. It then began distributing assault rifles and ammunition to anyone who would help defend the country. Everyone, from politicians, teachers, businesspeople to mothers and grandmothers have answered the call. 

Even prior to this last-possible-moment shift, civilians across the country were joining up with the military and reserves for as much firearms and medical training as they could get to help out. Militias are being formed around the country. Everything from makeshift vehicle barriers to Molotov cocktails are being produced in homes, garages, and businesses. The people themselves are forming the last lines of defense and the first stages of insurgency against a potential occupying army. 

The effectiveness of these last-ditch efforts remains to be seen. Waiting until the very last moment to introduce your citizens to firearms and prepare them to fight for their lives is probably not the best course of action, yet it is more common than not. Very few countries engage their entire population in their plan for defense. 

Firearms in the hands of the civilian population have proven time and time again to make the difference between freedom and oppression, between unchecked violence and safety, between life and death. 

While we’re waiting for the results of what happens in the Ukraine, it doesn’t take too deep of a look into history to see the effectiveness of civilian owned firearms in war torn places like Vietnam or Afghanistan. Likewise in civil disturbances like the 1992 Rooftop Koreans in Los Angeles or the South African business owners in last year’s riots. 

In the United States alone, a CDC (Centers for Disease Control) study found civilian defensive use of firearms outnumbered felonious use by a rate of 3 to 1, to the tune of 2.5 to 3 million uses per year. It is critical to note that not all the events involved the discharge of a firearm by the civilian.

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution spells out the protection for this natural right quite simply. 

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Free nations are praising the Ukrainian citizens and both sides of the US political aisle are applauding their tenacity, resourcefulness, and their willingness to take up arms for their country. 

Therein lies the rub. 

This same self-reliance and self-organization being praised in Ukraine is frowned upon here at home by gun control zealots who call those who choose to protect themselves and their families as gun nuts or crazy preppers, the result of toxic masculinity and white supremacy, regardless of gender or race. 

The United States of America exists today because of citizen soldiers who chose to take up arms to defend their own soil. They owned and used their own firearms and formed their own militias. They carried firearms for self-defense. Not unlike what has gone on for generations all over the world. 

More and more law-abiding citizens in the United States are purchasing firearms and getting training. The last two years have seen record numbers of firearm purchases, 40% of which are to first time gun owners. These people are realizing the Second Amendment is still relevant today and that now, more than ever, you are and always will be your own first responder.  Your safety and the safety of your family is your responsibility, just like it always has been. 

We hope and pray that the tenacity and guts of the Ukrainian people, backed up with sufficient arms from their government and the international community, will keep them a free people. 

Meanwhile, let us never lose focus on the fact that we too someday could be in the very same situation as they are. So yes, The Second Amendment is still relevant. 


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