About Odd Stuffing

BaldEagleBob is originally from Vermont where he served as a law enforcement officer. Prior to this he worked as a medic in Texas. He has since worked for a number of high tech companies in Silicon Valley. A former General Manager for a local gun shop and Club Secretary for the Scotts Valley Sportsmen’s Club, he continues to work as an IT consultant and as an instructor for NorCal MedTac.

Bob is a certified NRA, Pistol, Rifle, Refuse To Be A Victim and Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor in Handgun & Shotgun, SureFire Institute Low-Light Instructor, Simunitions Scenario Instructor, Range Safety Officer (RSO) and Range Technical Team Advisor (RTTA). He is also a SABRE Personal Safety Academy instructor, Taser Certified Civilian Trainer, LASR Instructor, California Firearms Safety Certificate Instructor and Glock Certified Advanced Armorer.

Why Odd Stuffing?

I consider myself very fortunate to have friends and family with a wide range of political views. Some are very left wing, some barely grasping onto the outside edge on the right, most are somewhere in the middle. All are important to me, as are their views and opinions. While they may not realize it, my own beliefs have been shaped and refined by listening to what is important to them. While I may not always agree, and sometimes strongly disagree, I respect them for being themselves and for helping me to see a different side of the world. If you’re reading this, you are probably one of these people – and I thank you for that.

My weekly rants have tended to be a little one sided and most likely will continue down the same path. While this is a part of my life, it is not all of my life. To that end, I’m moving my weekly posts off to a new page, Odd Stuffing.

Why Odd Stuffing? It came about as I was doing research for some of my writings and I needed a place to put documents and links. It was a collection of odd stuff that needed a more dignified home on my computer than “untitled folder 9”. There may have also been some influence from my Thanksgiving dinner menu planning.

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As always, I thank you for your intellectual and emotional support.