The concept of sanctuary dates back thousands of years. Sanctuary was usually in the context of a religious organization providing a place of safe refuge for someone accused of some type of crime. Throughout the years, the legal significance of sanctuary within the walls of a place of worship diminished, however the concept mutated to political jurisdictions where sanctuary is granted against allegedly unjust laws. As you might expect, you can only support sanctuary for a politically correct cause, otherwise you’re just a criminal.   

Sanctuary cities in the United States got their start in San Francisco, California in 1985 with the “City of Refuge” resolution. It was followed by an ordinance prohibiting the use of city resources to assist federal immigration enforcement.  In the eyes of supporters, so-called sanctuary cities are better off when residents are not in fear of being deported. There are now more then 500 such sanctuaries across the United States.

While there is some logic to the argument, the contention that these individuals haven’t broken any laws is completely invalid. Federal immigration laws exist for many reasons. Less the Native American peoples, we are a nation of immigrants and millions upon millions have jumped through the proper legal hoops to join our nation. 

The federal government, who is responsible for the security of the nation and to oversee immigration, is obviously not supportive of these sanctuary cities. Efforts to force them to comply with federal law have been mixed. Threats of withholding federal grants and funds to sanctuary cities have been met with lawsuits and injunctions, which are still winding their way through the courts. The cities and states that support immigration sanctuary call the federal government racists, the laws unjust and say they have the moral obligation to provide refuge. 

But what happens when a jurisdiction within a sanctuary state says they do not agree and decline to be a sanctuary area? You then see the state threatening to withhold state funds and grants, or those involved face prosecution if they do not comply. If this sounds a lot like the same ‘evil tactics’ the federal government is being accused of, you’re right. The only difference is it is the state imposing its will on the cities and counties. In other words, if you support the politically correct cause, you are okay. If you don’t, you’re a criminal. 

Left wing politicians call the supporters of sanctuary cities and counties in non-sanctuary states heroes for doing what is right for their counties and say the state should stay out of the way of these localities. 

Fast forward a bit and you now have gun control zealots in charge of many state legislatures. Their so-called “common sense public safety measures” tend to trample the Second Amendment to death. But, since they do this in the name of public safety, activist/politician judges have ruled these infringements acceptable and provide the legal stamp of approval.  This has given rise to a new type of sanctuary, the Second Amendment Sanctuary City/County/State.

Second Amendment sanctuaries have adopted resolutions prohibiting the use of city, country or state resources to enforce gun control measures that violate the Second Amendment. Much in the same way immigration sanctuary cities are refusing to cooperate with laws they see as unjust, Second Amendment sanctuary areas are refusing to cooperate with laws they see as unjust. And the movement is spreading. At last count, three states and many jurisdictions within 11 more have declared themselves as Second Amendment sanctuaries. 

As you might expect, the reaction within gun control states has not been favorable. Threats of withholding state funds and grants as well as prosecution for not following state laws are leveled at those responsible for declaring themselves a Second Amendment sanctuary. 

Left wing politicians call the supporters of Second Amendment sanctuary cities and counties in non-Second Amendment sanctuary states rogue politicians, sheriffs and police chiefs who are out of touch with their communities and the call for the state to force them from office or prosecute them for disobeying state laws. 

A little hypocritical? You betcha! 

On one hand, you have supporters of immigration sanctuary openly defying federal immigration laws they believe are unjust. They call the efforts of the federal government to deny them federal dollars illegal and immoral. 

At the same time, and most often the very same group of people, say there is no justification for Second Amendment sanctuary against the gun control laws THEY enacted and vow to withhold state dollars, as well as threaten Second Amendment sanctuary supporters with prosecution for defying them. 

To me this boils down to a single key concept: the lack of respect for the rule of law. 

Despite what many believe, this nation is a republic, a nation of laws. If we were a pure democracy, 51% of the population could vote to take away the rights of the minority 49% and it would become the law of the land. But our republic says you have to obey certain basic rights principles – the Constitution – from which our entire system is built. Even if 99% of the population votes to take away the rights of the remaining 1%, the 1% would be protected, as the law must still pass Constitutional muster. 

The Constitution and Bill of Rights aren’t optional documents. You don’t get to pick and choose the rights and laws you like, while ignoring the ones you don’t. You don’t get to implement your own interpretation of other people’s rights just because it better fits your social agenda.  And lastly, we seem to have forgotten the concept that nobody is above the law. If the law applies to one person, it applies to every person. Yea, I’m looking at you US Congress.  

I admire people who see an injustice and want to correct it. But you don’t get to do that by making up your own laws to follow, and then punish those who do the very same thing with the laws you are unjustly imposing on them. 

Perhaps we should choose our representatives a little bit more carefully. 


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A Word Of Thanks

A slight diversion from my usual rants to do some thank you’s. For the past two years I’ve been in the Lassen Community College Gunsmith program in Susanville, CA.  I am proud to say my time there is now complete. This was an extremely intensive program covering all aspects of the classical gunsmith trade and I can now look forward to applying the skills and experience learned here with confidence. But it would have never happened without the incredible friendship and assistance of my compatriots.  

I was very lucky on so many things associated with this program. Not just to be able to get accepted to the program when I did, but to be able to come in with such a great group of fellow students.  Not that any group of incoming students wouldn’t be good, but I believe this was an exceptional group.  Not only that, but to be able to get into a work group with talented and supportive friends. 

Gunsmith students are an interesting lot and not what you would expect the typical community college student to be. Most are older – or a lot (damn) older – and working towards second or third careers. Single, married, some with children, even adult children of their own. Each uprooted and relocated from their homes, families and lives all over the western US.  All with their own unique love of just about every kind of firearm. 

Now imagine cramming all of these talented and opinionated oddballs into limited shared spaces, 12 & 13-hour days with long lists of skill development deliverables and homework. Homework?!?! At my age?!?!  What the hell!!! Yup, in addition to learning the trade, it is still a college course. So, homework. 🙁

Throughout these two years we all went through a lot, both in the program and in our own lives. An African proverb says it takes a village to raise a child. Well, I’m going to say it takes a great group of fellow students to raise a gunsmith. 

I know for me, I would never have been able to make it through this without the support and assistance of my teammates. I know there were many times where I ran full speed into a brick wall and if I didn’t have someone to toss stupid questions by, ask for a fresh set of eyes and a clearer mind, give me a helping third hand or 11thfinger, or simply a kind word, some understanding and a bit of encouragement to continue on, I would have never made it.  I know I learned as much from my teammates as I did through the course curriculum. We shared lessons learned, bad experiences and issues with guns likely designed by Satan himself.  My success through the program, and now being able to take what I have learned out into the world is a direct result of the exceptional people I was lucky enough to work with here. 

To say that I am beyond ecstatic of being able to be home with my own family now is an understatement, but I am also sad that our time here is over. Over the past two years, I’ve spent more time with my teammates here than I have with my own wife. During that time we became very good friends and I will miss this group of insane characters more than I ever would have expected. 

While I am sad that we are all going our separate ways to different corners of the country, I am also confident that we will keep in touch and continue to share our personal and professional adventures as we have here. I know in my heart that I will see my teammates again as the thought of not doing so would be intolerable to bear. 

Thank you my friends. It was a hell of an adventure and I can’t imagine going through it with anyone else but you.  I’m proud of what we accomplished together and know that we will continue to learn, innovate and achieve based on what we did together.  

Godspeed to you all. 


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Election Theater Act 1, The Lightning Rods

Much like a lightning rod on a building, political lightning rods are sacrificial elements designed to protect the main candidate from damage. Shoved out front and to the top of the candidate pool, the press, opponents and voters focus all of their energy on them, keeping the actual candidate from unwanted scrutiny and potential harm in advance of the general election. Who is the actual candidate? It’s way too early for us to have that information, but we do know whom it is not, the ones who are taking the heat right now. Election Theater Act 1 is now on stage. 

A word of warning: What follows is my opinion and my opinion alone. It is based on my observations of far too many elections and the political process as I currently see it. 

As of today, 22 Democrats are in the running for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States in the 2020 elections. There are an additional 23 potential candidates who have discussed but not yet ruled out running on the Democratic ticket. With such a crowded field, it’s only possible to focus on the lightning rods. 

The lightning rods also serve another function, to throw out as many potential policy ideas as they can to see what sticks. If the ideas are well received, it becomes part of the party platform. If it crashes and burns, there’s no damage done to the candidate waiting in the wings.  After all, lightning rods are sacrificial. 

Why don’t I believe the current front-runners will be the ones on the ballot in 2020? The answer is in the voters being targeted by the DNC (Democratic National Committee) for a number of elections. The candidates they would likely support en masse are not two elderly, white male millionaires with more ugly baggage than the Kardashian’s on a weekend trip to Las Vegas. 

It all comes down to the illusion of choice. We believe all of the candidates have an equal chance to succeed and our opinions as voters are essential in the process. Instead, the pre-election campaign process is merely a smokescreen for the chosen few to determine who their favorite candidate is and what will be the winning platform issues. As we saw in the 2016 elections, and the lawsuits against the DNC by DNC’s own members, the DNC has the right to choose whomever they want, regardless of the will of the voters. 

Who is the actual Democratic candidate for President in 2020? Since the DNC hasn’t released their decision yet, we can only speculate.  I have my favorite, as I’m sure you do too. I’ve placed my first and second choices in an envelope, sealed in a mayonnaise jar on Funk & Wagnall’s back porch to be opened following the Democratic National Convention. 

I should note that while I’ve been talking about the DNC with all this, it doesn’t mean I believe the RNC (Republican National Committee) is any different. I am firmly convinced the denizens of the D.C. swamp are so entrenched in their own little world that they will do anything to protect it and themselves.  Until we as a nation come together to kick them out, impose term limits on congress and ensure that the people who pass the laws are not exempt from them, it will continue. 

You may be wondering why is the pre-nomination process so important to a Second Amendment supporter. For me, it’s not so much the candidate as the platform they and their party are running on. In order to gain the support of the party, each candidate has proudly bought into the myth of gun control as public safety policy. Restricting your right to buy, use and carry firearms, taking your firearms from you, while doing nothing to curb criminal use of firearms against you, is what they are pushing. 

When political policy includes stripping away our Constitutional rights, I become very concerned and very involved. And I’m not just talking about Second Amendment rights, I’m also talking about the First Amendment and every other one of the rights we hold so dear. 

If you don’t think your rights and liberty are at stake, take a look at what has been happening in Venezuela. After being stripped of their arms, the people are at the mercy of a brutal and unjust government. But of course, this could never happen in a modern society like ours, right?  I’m sure that’s what the Venezuelan people believed too. 

If you value your rights, you’ll start paying very close attention to what’s going on. Not just want is being reported by the news or on social media, but all the things behind the scenes.  Get involved now and stay involved. 


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The Rise Of The Fudds

Once beloved as Saturday morning cartoon’s loveable but hapless hunter, Elmer Fudd has come to represent all the things that are wrong with American’s modern day firearm owner and Second Amendment supporter. Some of this is well deserved and some merely accidental. Nonetheless, welcome to the Rise Of The Fudds. 

Unlike the animated Elmer Fudd who was “hunting wabbits”, I see several different types of Fudd in our modern society.  

The first is the classic, the Hunter Fudd.  Hunter Fudd heads out to the fields and woods a couple of times a year in search of his favorite prey. He grabs his trusty rifle or shotgun, does his hunt and goes back home. He’s not involved in politics or controversy, and if you didn’t see him in flannel or a bright orange vest once a year, you’d never know he owned any firearms at all. He is vewy, vewy quiet. 

Then there is Curmudgeon Fudd. Curmudgeon Fudd’s image of firearms ownership is everyone should be just like him. With his GI standard 1911 in God’s caliber, a M1 Garand in God’s other caliber and his trusty side-by-side 12 gauge, he sees no reason for anyone to need any other firearm. In between his five-times-a-day prayers while facing Camp Perry, he rips into anyone who owns and shoots anything else. All modern firearms are an abomination and as long as nobody tries to take away his, he doesn’t care what the politicians do. 

Next comes the Anti-Gun/Gun Owner Fudd. Anti-Gun/Gun Owner Fudd actually owns firearms, maybe one or two, maybe a dozen. But he’s out there making sure that others won’t be buying, carrying or using firearms.  Nobody, and he means NOBODY, knows firearms and firearm law better than him and he supports all the latest and greatest gun control laws. Keeping guns out of the hands of others makes him feel safer because he knows he will never give up any of his.  

Last but not least, there is the Hypocrite Fudd. Hypocrite Fudds tend to be politicians more times than not, but are also known to be ex-law enforcement administration and former ranking military officers – in other words, also politicians. These Fudds will go out to pro-Second Amendment communities and proudly claim to be gun owners. They often release photos of themselves at a range or in hunting apparel and proudly proclaim they “Support the Second Amendment, but… “. The “but” is follow-up where they say they also support “common sense public safety measures”. Back in front of their home gun control fanatic audiences, they go into great detail about how they will ban and take away guns they don’t like while working to eliminate everything the Second Amendment stands for.  All while standing behind walls of heavily armed security and government agencies. Their motto is — Do as I say, not as I do. 

Are the Fudds a problem? Yes and no in my opinion.  Just as it should be, firearm owners in this country cross all demographics of life. Knowing this it’s going to be impossible to get everyone to agree on everything, and sometimes anything at all.  So while the diversity of America’s firearm owner population is a great strength, it is also a great weakness.  

I can understand and appreciate the Hunter Fudds as the backbone of the firearm community. While they aren’t out helping to preserve our – as well as their own –Second Amendment rights, they are living proof that millions of Americans CAN and DO own firearms safely and responsibly every single day. 

While the Curmudgeon Fudds may be full of piss and vinegar, and love to spread their wisdom/grief around, what harm are they really causing? Yes, I get it, nobody likes to hear the 1911 vs. < any other gun in the world > argument every day, but who really cares? These Fudds are a vocal part of the firearm community, even if an annoying part.  At least they are out there voicing an opinion. 

It’s the last two Fudds I have the biggest problem with. The Anti-Gun/Gun Owner Fudds are themselves firearm owners, taking advantage and being limited by the very same nonsensical gun control laws the rest of us are. Yet they seem to feel that because they already own what they want, they don’t care about new laws limiting others. Somehow they feel they are either exempt or will be magically grandfathered into any new restrictions.  

Sadly, their attitude is very short sighted. As we’ve all come to realize, grandfathering provisions in gun control laws are just deferred confiscation plans. At some point, that grandfather clause will go away and they will be subject to the same restrictions the rest of us are.  

It’s also pretty damn selfish to think that it’s okay to take away the next generation’s Second Amendment rights if it means temporarily keeping some of your own. What kind of society are we turning over to our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren if they won’t even have their basic Constitutional rights? 

As for the Hypocrite Fudds, they are exactly what you would expect of politicians. They lie and tell people what they want to hear in order to progress their own agenda. Like the politicians with badges and disgraced ex-military officers they surround themselves with, they have long forgotten their oaths of office and the intent and meaning of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. To them, these are just old pieces of paper that they can pick and choose the parts they like while disregarding the parts they don’t.  And they do this while enjoying the safety and security they want to take away from the rest of us. 

While it would be nice to get all of the Fudds in line with those who are actively working to protect and retain our Second Amendment rights, we know it’s never going to happen. But that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the same rights we are fighting for. When we win, our entire nation wins. 

In the mean time, the rest of us need to be the opposite of vewy, vewy quiet and keep working as hard as we can. 


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California’s Week Of Freedom

It was a strange and wonderful week here in the People’s Republik of Kalifornistan. For a very short period of time, ordinary law abiding citizens in the state were able to legally purchase standard capacity magazines. Following a federal court ruling that the entire section of law covering the manufacturing, import, sale and possession of so-called “large capacity magazines” was unconstitutional, Californians up and down the state took advantage of the opportunity and stocked up on magazines. But the celebration was short lived. While possession is still legal, sales are no longer allowed. Now it’s the state’s turn and there will be hell to pay. 

In U.S District Judge Roger Benitez’s summary judgment, he declared California Penal Code 32310 unconstitutional and enjoined enforcement of the law.  This section of the Penal Code outlaws everything from the manufacture, sale, import, borrowing, etc. to the simple possession of any magazine capable of holding more then 10 rounds. 

The ruling itself was masterfully and elegantly worded and thoroughly debunked the State’s supposed evidence of a public safety interest in denying standard capacity magazines to law-abiding citizens in the state. He declared that standard capacity magazines were in fact protected as arms in the context of the Second Amendment.  Something most of us already understood. 

The net result was that Judge Benitez’s ruling once again made it legal to purchase and possess standard capacity magazines in California. Immediately after the Friday ruling, the more constitutionally inclined retailers began offering these magazines for sale. Others decided to wait a few more days to see what the state’s response would be and for the lawyers to chime in.  By the first of the week, retailers up and down California began to digest the ruling and began selling.  Out of state retailers, including the biggest names in online and brick & mortar stores also lifted their restrictions on selling standard capacity magazines to California residents. 

Long lines formed at California gun shops and additional shipments from distributers were rushed in. Online retailer’s inventories from across the country were quickly cleaned out of just about every make and style of magazine. The most conservative estimates I’ve seen to date indicate that hundreds of thousands of California residents purchased a minimum of one to two MILLION standard capacity magazines. 

Of course, the State of California wasn’t going to sit by and let this happen. They demanded a stay of the ruling from Judge Benitez, which was granted by the end of the week. However, it wasn’t exactly the result the State wanted. While Judge Benitez stayed the first two sections of Penal Code 32310 (manufacturing and selling), he left in place the judgment against possession.  Judge Benitez also specifically protected those who had sold, imported and purchased during this brief window of legality.  

Both of Judge Benitez’s rulings are a significant victory for California residents. His logic was well thought out and tied to not only the Second Amendment, but to the realities of self-defense and crime in the current day. If you haven’t read it – yes, I understand it is 86 pages long – I strongly suggest you do.  The link is at the bottom of this article.  Reading this will help you to understand not only the flaws in the gun control zealots logic used to justify these infringements, but in your own rights. 

This is an excellent and important ruling, but it is not the final word on the topic. The State of California is not simply going to accept this ruling and go away. Magazine capacity is the cornerstone of modern gun control and if it fails, it will have significant ripple effects in California and around the country.  

This ruling is already being appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals – also known as the Nutty Ninth. As we all know, the Ninth Circuit is no friend of the Second Amendment and has already ruled against just about every gun rights appeal, even if it violates the Constitution, Second Amendment or the precedents set in Heller and McDonald.  We can absolutely count on a reversal from the Ninth Circuit, which will need to be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

So while we’re all enjoying this little victory as the lawyers are ramping up to fight the pre-destined loss in the Ninth Circuit and appeal to the Supreme Court, I’d like to point out something.  Why are we in this position in the first place? 

If even the extremely low estimates of several hundred thousand magazine purchasers are true, where the HELL where these people when Prop 63 was being voted on? Where the HELL where these people during the Veto Gunmageddon petition drive to put repeal questions on the ballet for these insane, do-nothing but take rights away from law-abiding citizens laws? Where the HELL where all of these people when candidates were running against the gun control zealot politicians?  If everyone was so willing to run down to their local gun shop or hop online and order magazines for themselves, why didn’t this same mass of people get involved and stop the local, state and federal gun control zealots from passing the laws in the first place?

I’ll say what I’ve said before. Fighting to get your rights back after they have been lost is a fool’s errand at best. At BEST you have a long and expensive legal battle with very little chance of actually succeeding, no matter how egregious the constitutional or legal issues are. 

Law-abiding Californians caught a huge break with Judge Benitez, but it could have very easily gone the other way. Meanwhile we have a Ninth Circuit with a well-documented history of reversing anything to do with Second Amendment rights.  Our hope now lay with the Supreme Court, which may or may not even accept it.  

We can also count on a vindictive People’s Republik of Kalifornistan to work on ways to punish every one of us who enjoyed this brief window of freedom and invent new and ingenious ways of eliminating our Second Amendment rights once again. 

In other words – it’s time for everyone to get off their asses and start fighting to keep our rights. 


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Gun Control Part 2 – The Words Of A Psychopath

In Part 1 I talked about how criminal justice reform is letting more criminals get away with more crimes and letting those few who are arrested and brought to justice, out earlier. The criminal no longer fears the police or the courts; only their intended victim stands in their way. Enter gun control as the means to take that last limitation to crime and violence away and turn law-abiding citizens into law-abiding victims and set up gun control as the means for civilian gun elimination. 

Gun control in the United States has been a slowly evolving effort with the eventual goal of complete civilian disarmament. Despite all the lies of “common sense public safety laws”, “nobody is coming for your guns” or “I support the Second Amendment, but…” the goal has always been to systematically reduce then eliminate the protections granted under the Second Amendment, or just repeal the Second Amendment altogether. 

For those who haven’t admitted it yet, having a former United States Supreme Court Associate Justice – someone who’s job it was to interpret and defend the Constitution – come out and openly call of the repeal of the Second Amendment should spell it out pretty clearly. Or perhaps a more subtle attack under way with the Hawaii legislature to have the Second Amendment reinterpreted as a ‘collective’ vs. ‘individual’ right is more your style. 

We now have a criminal justice system that does not punish criminal behavior or act as a deterrent to crime. Combine this with gun control laws eliminating the ability of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and their families and what is the expected outcome? 

As an example, take a look for yourself at the magical gun control cure of gun free zones. 98% of all mass shootings in the United States since 1950 have occurred in these gun free zones. Gun free zones are only a legal barrier for law-abiding citizens who do not wish to break the law and do nothing to prevent a criminal or terrorist from entering and committing any number of violent acts. These gun free zones provide a false sense of security for those who enter and often contain the most vulnerable members of our society, protected by nothing more than a sign declaring that guns are not permitted.

Try to imagine what criminal or civil laws or penalties would ever discourage a person intent on committing the ultimate crime of murder doing so in a gun free zone. Yet we deny the right for an ordinary citizen to bear arms in these magical gun free zones. Further more, gun control politicians continue to create more laws removing the ability of local school boards to allow legally armed citizens access to school ground or from training and arming volunteer teachers as a last line of defense. In fact, in some communities, schools are demanding their on-site law enforcement officers be disarmed while working inside the schools. 

Now let’s look at the most recent massacre of innocents in New Zealand. A properly government licensed gun owner using illegal modifications to his legally purchased and registered guns is unopposed at two places of worship, killing 50 people. The pathetic police response time in excess of 30 minutes is being hailed as heroic. Within hours of the attack, while surviving victims were still bleeding and fighting for their lives and the dead not even cold yet, the Prime Minister promised, “gun laws will change”. 

The government’s response was right out of current Chicago Mayor and former Presidential Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s playbook of “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.  The tragic loss of life was simply an opportunity to progress an agenda that couldn’t get traction before. Now, because of this crisis, gun control in New Zealand, and the rest of the world, gets a big boost. 

The psychopath low life that committed this atrocity released an 87-page manifesto just prior to beginning his homicidal rampage. In it, he explained he used guns because of the extra media coverage and the social discourse it would cause in the United States. He specifically called out the division over the Second Amendment and the division his attack would cause.  

Here in the United States, the gun control zealot politicians are jumping up and down celebrating the new ban on so-called “assault weapons” in New Zealand and their ability to enact a ban, and confiscation of lawfully owned firearms, so quickly following this horrific act. They are calling this “true leadership”. 

If you haven’t seen the connection between it all, let me spell it out for you. In order to achieve the goal of civilian disarmament, you have to create an environment where the atrocities can occur. You do this by making crime easier and more attractive to commit. You remove the penalties for crime and the ultimate penalty for the ultimate crime. You remove the ability of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves from the most despicable criminal elements among us and you put the most vulnerable in a position to be the easiest victims.  

In other words, you create the problem and when the inevitable violence occurs, you are standing by with the pre-designed, pre-made and pre-printed “solution”  – stricter gun control – ready to be implemented when emotions are raw and your defenseless citizens are willing to give up more of their rights to “feel” safe.  It’s so simple, even a psychopath could understand and exploit it. 

Fortunately for us in the United States, we have a strong Constitution and Bill of Rights that includes the Second Amendment protected individual right to bear arms. Unfortunately, we have activist politicians and judges, along with mass media empires willing to push their agenda, who are willing to sacrifice our safety and our lives to achieve their goals of people control through gun control. 

We need to defend our rights every single day, one person at a time if we want to keep our rights intact. 

What are you doing to defend our rights? 


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Gun Control Part 1: Criminal Justice Reform

For years I’ve struggled to understand the logic of the gun control movement. Gun control laws only target law-abiding citizens of this country, not the actual criminals, thugs and terrorists who are committing the crimes and atrocities. Each new so-called “public safety” law only makes the public weaker and more vulnerable to the very thing the gun control zealots claim they are trying to protect us from. Sadly, it was the words of a psychopath that finally explained the sick logic behind it. 

In order for gun control to work, and by work I mean accepted by the population, a number of social conditions have to be in place. One of the key ones is criminal justice reform. Wikipedia has a great explanation:

“Criminal justice reform in the United States is aimed at fixing perceived errors in the criminal justice system. Goals of organizations spearheading the movement for criminal justice reform include decreasing the United States’ prison population, reducing prison sentences that are perceived to be too harsh and long, altering drug sentencing policy, policing reform, reducing overcriminalization, and juvenile justice reform. “

Those who push criminal justice reform believe, for any number of reasons, that our criminal justice system is simply too severe. They believe there are too many people incarcerated for far too long. Of course, there is rarely a debate about whether or not those who were convicted of these crimes are guilty or not, only that the system has been unfair to them. 

Let’s keep in mind that criminals – the people who break the law – don’t do so by accident. They make a conscious decision to steal someone else’s property, to break into cars, homes and businesses, to rob, rape or murder their victims. It is a choice to break the law at someone else’s expense.  

Prison overcrowding is often the unspoken reason for criminal justice reform as it has been in California. A U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 2011 stated that California must reduce its prison population by 30,000 in two years. As a result, so-called humanitarian reform laws were put into place to keep those convicted of crimes out of prisons and grant early release to those already in custody.  But those reforms can only go so far, so it was necessary to make criminal actions less illegal with far fewer penalties, or make the actions not illegal at all.  

California’s disastrous Prop 47 & 57 are all about reducing the consequences of crime and letting so-called “non-violent” felons out of jail sooner. Of course, the details are a bitch. Property and other crime in the state rose dramatically as there are very few disincentives to committing the crimes. And that list of non-violent felons includes assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer; battery with serious bodily injury; solicitation to commit murder and rape/sodomy/oral copulation of an unconscious person or by use of a date rape drug. For those of you who like to check the facts and figures, I wish you good luck. By reclassifying crimes and non-crimes, it’s like comparing Apples and Oracles. The official narrative is crime is down, yet everything around us says the opposite. 

Even that isn’t enough. Some states have restricted bail to only the most serious cases and California has eliminated it all together as of October 2019. It is supposed to eliminate bias in the pre-trial release system. In most cases, those arrested must be released within 12 hours. Since local boards would determine the standards to be used and judges would have discretion on more serious offenses, bias will still remain and there will be little incentive for anyone to show up in court to face justice. 

But there’s more. Some of the more activist district attorneys in the country are now flat out declining to prosecute lower level offenses such as trespassing, shoplifting, larceny, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, receiving stolen property, breaking and entering (where it is into a vacant property or where it is for the purpose of sleeping or seeking refuge from the cold and there is no actual damage to property), wanton or malicious destruction of property, drug possession, drug possession with intent to distribute and resisting arrest. 

Not to be left out, California’s new governor just closed death row in the state and put all executions on indefinite hold. Even though the citizens of the State of California have spoken out in favor of the death penalty through ballot initiatives, the Governor has decided that those convicted of the most horrendous crimes in the state no longer deserve the ultimate punishment.  

You don’t have to be a criminologist to understand the implications of all this. With very little to zero disincentive to committing crimes, criminals will continue to commit them at an increased rate. In an environment that is permissive of lower level crime, more aggressive and violent crimes follow.  And what are the police to do? Will they waste their time taking someone into custody and do all the paperwork only to have the case dropped before it ever gets into court? Of course not.  Other than the colossal waste of time, it opens departments and officers up to be held liable for arrests they know will never be prosecuted. 

The result is a revolving door criminal justice system where even if someone is arrested for something that is still considered a crime, the chances of there being any real punishment is practically non-existent. With more criminals being let out of prison and fewer ever facing any consequences for their actions, all forms of crime and violence will continue to escalate. The criminal no longer fears the police or the courts; only their intended victim stands in their way. 

One last thought… With all the so-called “criminal justice reform” going on, have you seen any of these politicians and social justice activists say a single word about reducing or preventing crime? How about making you and your family safer in your home or on the streets? 

Gun Control Part 2 – The Words Of A Psychopath is next week.


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Safe Storage Laws – Punishing Crime Victims

One of moldy oldies of the gun control movement is experiencing resurgence these days. Safe storage laws are once again being pushed in communities and states around the country. And as always, it has nothing to do with safety, only control. It is just another way for gun control zealot politicians to intimidate, harass and punish law-abiding firearm owners and minimize their Second Amendment rights, at the expense of the very people who they claim they are trying to keep safer. 

Firearm storage inside the home is a very personal subject. Most people who own firearms for self-defense choose to have them ready in case they are needed. In those situations, seconds really do count. Unlocking a safe, removing a cable lock and then loading your firearm essentially renders it useless as a self-defense tool. 

That of course is the idea behind safe storage laws. Anti-gun politicians don’t want you to be able to defend yourself in an emergency. They want you to be 100% reliant on the government for your safety. Also keep in mind that your local law enforcement agency has no legal responsibility for keeping you safe.  Many lawsuits against law enforcement from victims of violent crimes due to government inaction or negligence have been dismissed, as the police have no duty to protect you, even if they could have and simply decided not to. 

So even though the government knows they can not adequately protect you in public or in your home, they want to make sure you are not able to protect yourself either. By passing so-called safe storage laws, you are required to keep your self-defense firearm unloaded and disabled in your own home. AND… if you do leave your firearm unlocked in your locked home and it is stolen, you have committed a crime. 

Consider the following scenario. You leave your house in the morning for work, give your dog a new chew toy, lock the doors and set the alarm. While you are gone someone breaks into your house. They do this because they know the chances of being caught are low and the chances of any real penalty coming out of it if they are caught are practically non-existent. 

In the quick ransack of your house, burglars find your non-government approved firearm storage spot in a Ziploc bag in the refrigerator’s vegetable crisper drawer.* They take this firearm and commit yet another crime and injure or kill someone with it. What happens to you? You are arrested for improper storage of a firearm. 

Now let’s change this scenario a little. Upon breaking into your home, the burglars find your new 10” Wustoff cook’s knife. They take this knife and commit yet another crime and injure or kill someone with it. What happens to you? You are NOT arrested since you were the victim of the crime of burglary and had no involvement in the commission of the crime using your stolen property. 

Let’s change that scenario one more time. Upon breaking into your home, the burglars find your car keys. On the way out the door they go by the liquor cabinet and grab a bottle of Jack Daniels. They take your car and liquor, get drunk and drive the wrong way down the interstate and injure or kill someone. What happens to you? You are NOT arrested since you were the victim of the crime of burglary and had no involvement in the commission of the crime using your stolen property.

I’m not aware of any other situation where the victim of a crime can be criminally charged as a result of being a victim of someone else’s crime. By creating these feel-good but useless public safety laws that criminalize legal behavior inside of your own home, you become both the victim and the criminal with no action necessary on your own part. 

The other side of so-called safe storage laws concerns children gaining access to unsecured firearms. As someone who has been involved in firearm safety for decades, I can honestly tell you there is no excuse for this. There is also no excuse for the bad parenting that lead to it. 

My story: As a child growing up, my family owned firearms, as did most of our relatives. Some were stored unsecured and loaded for home self-defense. I knew where these firearms were in our house and those of our relatives. Did I ever touch them without permission? HELL NO!! Why? Because I was taught the difference between right and wrong, as well as a respect for firearms. 

In my home as an adult, I also kept loaded firearms for self-defense. Did my son ever touch them? HELL NO!! Why? Because he too was taught the difference between right and wrong, as well as respect for firearms. To this day, I wouldn’t even question if my now adult son walked into my house and found a loaded firearm sitting on the dining room table, he would ask before he handled it.  

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has an excellent – and free – program called Project ChildSafe. It combines information, education and gunlocks distributed for free by law enforcement agencies around the country. The National Rifle Association (NRA) has a child firearm safety program available – also free – called the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program. It teaches children what do if they find an unsecured firearm. Both have been successfully educating children and youth about real firearm safety for years. 

Firearm safety and storage is a very personal subject. What works for me in my home may not be appropriate for a home with young children living or visiting in the home. There are solutions for everyone that does not sacrifice safety or security. What doesn’t work for either is a one-size-fits-none government mandate that firearms shouldn’t be available for self-defense. How does being a helpless victim keep anyone except the criminals safe? 


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*Note to self: Move firearm out of vegetable crisper drawer.  

Farewell To Arms

I’m feeling a little literary today as I look at the impact of all the upcoming gun control laws.  At one point very early on in the world of gun control, there might have been a resemblance of a genuine public safety goal. While it was never the actual intent, at least they feigned the interest. Fast forward to today and it’s clear the intent is to rid our country of as many civilian owned firearms as possible, as quickly as possible.  The Second Amendment is no longer a barrier to every conceivable, irrational and nonsensical gun control scheme our gun-hating politicians can come up with.  The time to say farewell to arms is getting closer by the day. 

If you want to see how close we are to the end game, just take a look at the type of laws and ordinances being pushed around the country this year. Law makers are emboldened by support of political activist judges in the most liberal parts of the country who will rubber stamp anything that restricts law-abiding citizen’s access to firearms, ammunition and accessories. Combine this with a United States Supreme Court who hasn’t had any interest in taking Second Amendment challenges, political hacks around the country are redefining what a so-called “assault weapon” is to the point where – literally – any semiautomatic firearm, rifle or pistol, will be included. 

Of course, the latest and greatest is the attempt to make so-called “assault weapons” subject to National Firearms Act (NFA) registration. HR 1263 introduced in the US House of Representatives would include ANY semi-automatic rifle or shotgun that is capable of accepting a detachable magazine. While the most obvious targets of “assault weapon” bans, the AR or AK pattern firearms would be included, it would also include firearms such as the vintage M1 Carbine, the Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle, the Remington 742 hunting rifle and Ruger 10/22, a .22 caliber plinking and varmint hunting rifle. Caliber or magazine capacity wouldn’t matter, only the fact that the firearm accepts a detachable magazine. NFA registration would bring with it all the same restrictions and fees, including the $200 tax stamp PER firearm now only associated with items such as fully automatic firearms and suppressors. 

But of course, that won’t be the end of it. The follow-up law being pushed by the behind the scenes architects would “Ban the future manufacture and sale of assault weapons to reduce the easy availability of such weapons to civilians.” Patterned after the 1986 ban on new fully automatic firearms, it would put a hard cap on the number of so-called “assault weapons” available in the country. A bill for this has yet to be introduced, and likely won’t be introduced until the NFA Assault Weapons bill is passed.  After all, it’s difficult to convince the people, and those all-important swing votes in Congress, that you’re not after an all out ban when you show all your cards at once. 

If you’re thinking the US Supreme Court’s Heller and McDonald rulings are going to protect your Second Amendment rights, you are sadly mistaken. Gun control states like California, Washington, Oregon, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois and Vermont – along with a long list of municipalities contained therein, have been thumbing their nose at Heller & McDonald since before the ink was dry on the rulings. The reason they can is quite simply, who is going to stop them? 

The gun control lawmakers and their political activist judges know the US Supreme Court only hears arguments on about 80 cases per year, and decides about 50 more without oral arguments. This is out of the roughly 7000 requests to hear cases per year. And that 7000 represents the best of the best cases with the highest likelihood of success before the court, thus worthy of the time, money and effort needed to litigate them. Knowing this, the chances of any particular gun control law getting overturned, to say nothing of setting a national legal precedence, are slim to never. 

So where does this leave your Second Amendment rights? Without an incredibly strong and wide reaching intervention by the US Supreme Court, something they are NOT known for, your rights are going to continue to erode away to nothing. What was legal last year is going to be illegal this year. What you used to be able to freely own will need to be registered or outright banned. What is registered today will be banned tomorrow. 

Today’s article was inspired by a section of George Orwell’s book, Nineteen Eighty-Four. In the book, Newspeak was the controlled language of restricted grammar and limited vocabulary, meant to limit the freedom of thought, personal identity, self-expression and free will. It was under constant revision to eliminate terms, and thus any resemblance of resistance to the ruling party. 

‘The Eleventh Edition is the definitive edition. We’re getting the language into its final shape — the shape it’s going to have when nobody speaks anything else. When we’ve finished with it, people like you will have to learn it all over again. You think, I dare say, that our chief job is inventing new words. But not a bit of it! We’re destroying words — scores of them, hundreds of them, every day. We’re cutting the language down to the bone. The Eleventh Edition won’t contain a single word that will become obsolete before the year 2050.’

All you need to do is substitute ‘guns’ for ‘word’ and you can see where our laws are headed. In our real life edition of banning the civilian ownership of guns, I don’t see it taking until the year 2050 to happen. However, I can envision the 11thEdition of California Gun Laws looking something like the photo with this article. 


Each and every person in this nation who believes in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, whether or not they own firearms, gets up off their ass and says NO MORE! Systematically eroding our rights for the enrichment of the ruling class and their concept of an ideal society is what lead our nation to be formed in the first place. Why would we want to allow that to happen again? 


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