Nashville, Part 2*

Among the things we’ve learned from the horrific attack on a private elementary school in Tennessee is the shooter selected this site over another undisclosed location because the other site had too much security for the assault to be successful. Yet this painful truth, played out time and time again in our country, is glossed over by the gun-control zealots who ONLY want to impose more and more and more gun-control, for “safety”. 

Remember, gun control does absolutely nothing to increase public safety and the answer to fix that shortcoming is always to implement more gun control.

Let’s keep in mind even though 98% of all mass shootings in the United States since 1950 have occurred in Gun Free Zones, yet this is the ONLY form of protection offered our children by the gun-control crowd. 

It’s not like all those who support gun-control don’t also support hardened buildings and armed officers and security, they just don’t support it for your children. Politicians from the local, state and federal level all love having their offices and homes secured by publicly funded law enforcement officers, all carrying guns to protect THEM. Following the so-called insurrection, our Congress authorized millions of tax dollars’ worth of security upgrades to further harden it and secure the politicians. The Capitol Police were expanded nationwide with the sole purpose of protecting the politicians. Yet zero dollars are allocated to protecting the most vulnerable, most at risk segment of the population, children. 

What is being done to keep children safe?  

At the federal level, a bill has been introduced to provide funding to public and private schools across the country. It would fund training and hiring of veteran and former law enforcement officers, or off-duty law enforcement officers, and for the hardening of schools. 

Note this is not the first time a bill like this has been introduced in the U.S. Congress, and with a split House and Senate, and a President who wants only gun-control legislation, it has zero chance of becoming law. Had it been introduced back when the Republicans held both chambers of congress and the White House, well… then we wouldn’t have something to blame the other party for. But that’s a different story. 

At the state level, Tennessee has introduced a bill to require schools develop and maintain state approved plans for physical security, including drills and reviews on an annual basis. It does not offer funding from the state for the training and hiring of armed officers or security within the schools.

Unfortunately, what the good intentions boil down to is money. A disgraced and fired former FBI Russian interference hoaxer/adulterer decided to come up with a number for security at every school in the nation at $10.4 billion. But like most of his facts, this too is incorrect. Many schools are already staffed with armed officers and/or security. But this shockingly high figure is being floated around our nation’s capital to show the futility of the protecting children argument in order to advance the gun-control only agenda. 

When looking at school security from the national level, you’re talking about a billion-dollar problem. State level drops it down to into the millions and local funding, thousands. While state and federal lawmakers love to get involved following a crisis (it makes them look like they are doing something), school security is a local matter. YOUR school board is the one responsible for providing security to protect children. If your school relies on federal or state grants to fund school security, what’s going to happen when those grants dry up, just like they always do. Priorities shift and grant money gets sent somewhere else, leaving schools unprotected down the road. 

In fact, if your school wants to temporarily solve this problem until the local funds are raised to hire full time armed security, all the schools need to do is put out a call for veterans and ex-officers to volunteer at the school. I can’t speak for every community in the country, but I know in the ones I’ve lived in throughout my life, if you put that call out today, you’d have a line out the door in the morning. You would have men and women who would be willing to take any required training and certification, at no cost, to secure their local schools and safeguard the children. 

Is this a long-term model? No, we need to invest in hard security and on-going armed resources, including training and arming teachers, as part of every school’s budget. But it would provide what our schools need RIGHT NOW using resources that already exist in the community. 

Of course, the gun-control side says armed officers, security, or teachers “sends the wrong message”. I’m not really sure how having resources to stop psychopaths/murderers from slaughtering children in schools is the wrong message. Is providing armed, taxpayer funded security to politicians and NOT children the right message? Maybe our politicians would feel safer with little plastic “Gun Free Zone” signs. 

I can’t think of any way to say this other than bluntly. The reason why you will never see the gun-control zealots support hardening schools or providing armed security or law enforcement in schools is because without dead children, gun control will never pass. Your children’s lives are expendable in the quest for stricter and stricter, do nothing for safety gun-control.

It’s up to you. 


*Yes, you are reading Part 2 before Part 1. I am struggling with my own tone in the first part of this story. I’ve written, read, rewritten, reread and rewritten again but I’m still not happy with the way it comes across. As any moral person should be, I am outraged at not only the shooting in Nashville, but our government’s response and gaslighting. Being semi-objective about this is proving to be a bit of a challenge. So, Part 2 it is. 

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