Patriot SCUM! 

The Gadsden Flag is back in the news again, this time for a Colorado school kicking a 12-year-old boy out of class because he had a Gadsden Flag patch on his backpack. When his mother came to the school (and wisely recorded the interaction), the teacher explained it was because the flags origin in the slave trade and slavery. It seems Colorado teachers aren’t required to know about United States history. 

“The reason that they do not want the flag reason we do not want the flag is due to its origins with slavery, and slave trade.” 

The child’s mother properly corrected the teacher that it had nothing to do with slavery, it was a revolutionary war flag and was told they were just enforcing the policy of the district and she has every right not to agree with it. 

The actual history and origin of the Gadsden Flag, dating from 1775 as a battle cry for American independence from British rule, is easily discovered by even the most basic internet search. Nowhere and at no time was it ever associated with slavery, the slave trade or racism. 

Following the mother’s video of her interaction with the school going viral, the school’s board of directors held an emergency meeting. In an amazing bit of rational thinking, they ruled the Gadsden Flag was acceptable in school and the child could return to school with the patch. 

“From Vanguard’s founding we have proudly supported our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the ordered liberty that all Americans have enjoyed for almost 250 years.” “The Vanguard School recognizes the historical significance of the Gadsden flag and its place in history. This incident is an occasion for us to reaffirm our deep commitment to a classical education in support of these American principles.”

Attempting to associate patriotism with racism or violence isn’t anything new and this is not the first time the Gadsden Flag has been vilified. Recall around this time last year the FBI put out a “Domestic Terrorism Symbols Guide” on militia violent extremists (MVE) and the flags, symbols, and phrases they associate with them. Among them was the Gadsden flag, the Liberty Tree flag and Betsy Ross flag, as well as revolutionary war imagery. 

Even though the bulletin correctly identified the Gadsden Flag as a “Historical American symbol” and contained the disclaimer, “The use or sharing of these symbols alone should not independently be considered evidence of MVE presence or affiliation or serve as an indicator of illegal activity, as many individuals use these symbols for their original, historic meaning, or other non-violent purposes.”, the direct association between MVE’s or “domestic violent extremism” (DVEs) and the Gadsden flag was established. 

The bulletin also incorrectly labels the American Contingency in the MVE category even though the FBI itself determined they were not a threat two years prior.  

A link to the bulletin itself is listed below. You may notice there are no flags, symbols, or phrases from any of the violent left-wing groups who looted and burned American cities and killed innocent people. 

Patriotism used to mean love and devotion for your country, valuing our nation’s history, respecting law and order, a willingness to serve and defend it as well as the rights of individuals. Yet somehow, we’ve come into an era where patriotism is now being defined by our own government as anti-American and a threat to democracy. 

Side note: Shortly after this bulletin leaked last year, I noticed a few houses in my neck of the woods flying a couple of extra flags. Seems patriotism decided to shine through the lies and rhetoric. 

By stigmatizing the symbols of patriotism and forcing them from public view, the importance of our natural rights and liberty can be minimized and slowly but most certainly eliminated. The less people know about our nation’s history and their own rights, the less they will oppose those who aim to take them away. 

Patriotism is what brought us together before we were even a country. Patriotism is what has protected it from foreign and domestic threats. Patriotism is what has brought us together to face adversity. Patriotism is what will continue to keep us together long after those who seek to divide and weaken us crawl back into the shadows. 

There is no word from the school if the teacher and administrators have apologized to the 12-year-old they kicked out of school, how they’ve made up the instructional time he lost out on, or if they’ve been made to undergo remedial training in US history or acceptance & tolerance of ideas other than their own. Somehow, I expect that won’t happen. But I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if they had kicked out a student for having a BLM/Antifa or LGBTQIA+ patch. 

Never be afraid of our history or your pride in what makes us who we are. As patriots, the principles we practice every day stands as an example of how we can ALL be stronger and more united. 


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