Government Failures = More Gun Control

When you look at the history of gun control in this country, you’ll find a rather disturbing pattern. While the gun control elitists tell you there is an urgent need for more gun control laws due to the ‘violent gun culture’ in this country, the truth is it is the government’s own failures that have allowed many of these acts to be committed.  And what is the only answer to these government gun control law failures? More government gun control!

It doesn’t take very long to find examples of where the government hasn’t done their job to make this point. The horrific tragedy in Parkland, Florida is one of the most graphic examples. Prior to the gunman’s acts, he posted videos – in his own name – foretelling his actions. Twice these were reported to federal authorities where no action was taken.

The Sheriff of the Broward / Coward County Sheriff’s Department was one of the loudest voices calling for the head of the FBI to resign or be fired because the FBI did not act. This continued right up until the point where everyone found out the Sheriff’s own department had dozens of calls with this same suspect, many with ample legal justification to intervene, remove weapons and prevent him from obtaining more. Of course, the Sheriff’s own deputies on scene refused to enter the building where students were being killed and prevented other rescue teams from entering.

Add to this, the school’s own policy of not disciplining students or calling in law enforcement, ignoring the safety assessment done prior to the shooting, the school’s guards seeing the shooter entering the building and doing nothing. County mental health evaluations also had opportunities to intervene, and did not.

What was the result of all this? New laws to eliminate the Second Amendment rights of millions of law abiding 18, 19 & 20 year olds around the country. New laws to outlaw so-called high capacity magazines – even though the Parkland shooter only used 10 round magazines. New gun violence restraining order laws where Second Amendment rights can be removed ex parte solely on the word of a relative or others.

Recall as well the origin of gun violence restraining orders or so-called red flag laws were the result of the completely bungled response of multiple law enforcement agencies to the 2014 Isla Vista (Santa Barbara) suspect prior to him killing six people, three by stabbing and three by shooting. While the gun control fanatics claim only the new gun violence restraining order law could have prevented this tragedy, they ignore the very same information the law enforcement agencies ignored, which could also have stopped it.

Look also at the Sutherland Springs, Texas church shooter who purchased his firearms AFTER being dishonorably discharged from the U.S. Air Force for two counts of domestic violence, among other charges. Since the government never sent his convictions to the federal database used nationwide for firearms background checks, the shooter was able to “legally” purchase the firearm he used to kill.

The proposed solutions? Universal background checks and so-called “assault weapon” bans. Pay no attention to the fact it was a civilian with a so-called “assault weapon” that stopped this killer.

So who is to blame? According to the promoters of ever increasing gun control laws, you are!  You and every other law-abiding citizen who legally owns a firearm, who have never committed a crime and never will, are the problem.  It certainly was NOT the government agencies whose responsibility it is to enforce the laws, rules and regulations we already have and provide public safety to an ever increasingly disarmed and victimized populace.

The harsh reality is the government has never been able to protect any individual’s safety, and never will be able to. Unless you are one of the economic elite who can afford your own ARMED personal protection or are high enough in local, state or federal government to have your personal security detail provided for by the taxpayers, you get the same spread way too thin resources who will respond to your cries for help in 5 minutes to one hour depending on where you are at the time.

For most of us, this means your safety, and the safety of your family is YOUR responsibility. But if you live in an area where you need “good cause” to be able to carry a firearm for protection and are not a family member or close personal friend of the issuing authority, I can already tell you what the answer is going to be – you don’t have “good cause”.  In other words, your issuing authority not only can’t protect you, they won’t let you protect yourself. How’s that for a slap of reality?

Welcome to gun controlled America!


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