Sic Semper Tyrannis

Immediately upon the Democratic party winning a majority of both houses in Virginia, the Democratic Governor announced it was a clear mandate that the citizens of Commonwealth of Virginia wanted gun control. What better definition of irony could there be than a government, who’s official seal bears the words “Sic Semper Tyrannis” (thus always to tyrants) and shows a man standing over a slain tyrant with his crown on the ground beside him, trying to pass laws to disarm law-abiding citizens.  What the Governor may not have anticipated is these same law-abiding citizens packing into town, city and county council chambers around the state demanding their Second Amendment rights be protected. With this, the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement in Virginia has begun, and the real fight begins. 

To date, over 100 government entities, 86 out of 95 counties and 15 towns and cities have adopted Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions. Council chambers have been packed with Second Amendment supporters speaking out against the proposed new gun control laws. From the results to date, you can see the local governments have been listening to their constituents. 

While the sanctuary resolutions vary, the general consensus is the government will not back, enforce or use their funds in support of the new gun control laws.  One county sheriff has vowed to deputize thousands of citizens to protect their constitutional right to own firearms and militias are being formed in other counties.

The gun control laws proposed in Virginia to date include: 

  • A ban on so-called “assault weapons” 
  • A ban on magazines with a capacity over 10 rounds
  • A “red flag” law to take strip firearm rights without due process
  • Universal background checks
  • Mandatory secure firearm storage in the home 
  • Banning firearms & defensive training if there is any reason to believe it might result in furtherance of a civil disorder
  • Limit handgun purchases to one per month
  • Prohibit a person from carrying a concealed handgun onto the premises of any public space where alcoholic beverages have been approved for sale or where alcohol is being consumed
  • Mandatory reporting the theft of a firearm within 24 hours

And, it only gets worse. 

Following the rise of the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement, Virginia has doubled down on gun control and added such things as:

  • Proposing the termination, decertifying and blacklisting of law enforcement officers who refuse to enforce the new gun control laws
  • Withholding tax dollars from law enforcement and prosecutors who refuse to enforce the new gun control laws
  • Making the capitol grounds a gun free zone 
  • Calling out the Virginia National Guard to enforce the new gun control laws
  • Adding funds to the corrections department budget in anticipation of new gun law violators needing to be incarcerated 
  • Creating a new state level, 18 officer gun ban enforcement team to enforce the new gun laws and track down violators 

What legal effect do these sanctuary declarations have? According to the Virginia Attorney General, they have none. He has stated the proposed gun control laws will be enacted and will be enforced. As to who will be enforcing them, the Governor’s plan appears to be using a combination of the Virginia National Guard and his own anti-gun police force, no doubt to be patterned after California’s infamously sketchy APPS (Armed and Prohibited Persons System) program. In other words, guns that HE controls. 

It is worth noting the Virginia government’s opinion on Second Amendment Sanctuary cities is in sharp contrast to their position on Immigration Sanctuary cities where local sheriffs and city councils around the country are being lauded by far-left politicians as a fully legal and morally (?) constitutional stand against federal immigration laws. Can you say hypocrites? 

Meanwhile the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement is spreading to other states where local and county councils are listening to their citizens and getting their message out in advance of new proposed gun control laws being heard in state legislatures.  For me, while I applaud the Virginia Second Amendment Sanctuary movement, I have just one question: 

Where the HELL were all those people packing into council chambers for Sanctuary votes during the last election?!?

Like most states, the politics of Virginia are dominated by a few densely populated areas which are growing more and more extreme-left liberal. While the vast majority of the state (as measured in square miles and the number of towns, cities and counties) are more conservative, their population isn’t sufficient to override the influence of the larger cities. But that doesn’t mean the conservative voices can be silenced IF they band together and actually participate in the electoral process. 

A word of caution: The post Second Amendment Sanctuary movement decision by the Governor to not pursue immediate confiscations of so-called “assault weapons” and allow current owners to register and keep them has been hailed as a victory by the movement.  Sorry folks, it doesn’t work that way. Grandfathering and registration should be thought of by the true definition of “deferred confiscation”. Grandfathering clauses are ALWAYS reversed, and registration just means a confiscation list exists to make picking up those firearms easier. Agreeing to temporarily keep your “registered” firearms at the expense of your children and grandchildren’s rights is short sighted and quite honestly, ignorant. 

The heart of the issue is Virginia’s proposed gun control laws are targeting only the law-abiding citizens of the state in the name of “public safety”.  Not only would the new laws do nothing to increase public safety, they would in fact make the citizens of the Virginia more vulnerable to violence and crime. As bad as these proposed laws look now, they are only the beginning. Take a look at California, New York and other gun control states to see what the future holds for Virginia.

Gun control laws are about control of the citizens.  Unarmed, defenseless and unable to protect themselves and their families, they will be subservient to the government for all of their need – just as the tyrants intended. 

Maybe it’s time for you to get involved and vote out the politicians who are vowing to take away your Second Amendment protected natural rights. 


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