The Second Amendment in 2020

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution has been called many things including “outdated” and “meaningless”. It has been picked apart – all 27 words of it -, reinterpreted and creatively reimagined to mean just about anything the anti-gun extremists want it to be. We are told that this portion of the Bill of Rights has no place in modern society and that people are rejecting firearm ownership more than ever. And then 2020 comes along and proves them wrong. 

Since the beginnings of the panic caused by the COVID-19 economic shutdown and now with the current out of control looting and riots across the nation, millions MORE Americans are turning to their Second Amendment protected rights to keep themselves and their families safe. If there was ever any doubt as to the durability of the Second Amendment, this year has proved it is as important now as it ever was. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, we were initially told we needed to shut down all but the most essential services to stop the spread. What began as 15 days led to months. That uncertainty caused the first rush on food staples, water, toilet paper and firearms.

With the exception of the massive hording of toilet paper, it all makes sense. In uncertain times safety and survival becomes the most important things to us. Law enforcement agencies were restricting the type of calls they would respond to and fewer officers were patrolling the streets.  People who never owned firearms before were beginning to realize their safety is now in their own hands. As expected, crime did increase as COVID-19 was no barrier to opportunistic criminals and thugs. 

Fast forward to today and what started out as peaceful protests has been hijacked into wholescale vandalism, theft, burglary, robbery, looting, arson, assault and murder. Under the false guise of social justice reform; criminals, terrorists and thugs have run rampant in American cities. Extreme left wing and socialist politicians have been quick to minimize riots and looting by calling them “peaceful protestors” and encouraging their behavior. One Texas House Democratic candidate commented “Even if people loot, so what? Burn it to the ground, you know, if that’s what it’s going to take to fix our nation”. Law enforcement agencies have been disarmed of crowd control tools and pulled out of their own buildings and neighborhoods turning them into lawless wastelands. In areas where looters have been arrested, prosecutors have immediately dropped all charges and released them. A portion of Seattle has been taken over by armed extremists who now assault and extort residents and trespassers. 

Innocent, law-abiding citizens unlucky enough to be caught in the path of the mobs have been beaten and killed. Business owners who have attempted to save their property from the path of destruction have been beaten and killed. Businesses, churches, residences have been burned. But there have been exceptions. 

The businesses and individuals spared from destruction have been the ones who have taken their safety into their own hands and, with the aid of personally owned firearms, held back rioters and looters. With absolutely no law enforcement presence, these individuals have had no choice but to rely on themselves. 

But it has not come without controversy. The very same extreme left wing and socialist politicians who are minimizing and protecting the rioters and looters are using the limited law enforcement capacity to go after some of those who have decided to defend themselves from mobs accusing them of being vigilantes.  According to the Chicago Mayor,“Do not pick up arms and try to be the police. If there’s a problem, call 911. We will respond.” This while the police department is completely overwhelmed, is experiencing record breaking homicide rates and no officers are available.

As if the crisis of riots and looting isn’t enough, the push to “defund” and in some areas completely disband police departments means there will be fewer and fewer officers available when law-abiding citizens dial 911 for help. What help ‘may’ eventually get there will be far too late to protect or save innocent lives. Again, not surprisingly from the riots and push to “defund” police departments is that violent crime has soared. 

At the same time, local, state and federal anti-gun politicians are busy crafting new gun control laws to keep firearms out of the hands of law-abiding citizens, restrict their use and ability to carry and tax and license them out of reach of all but the most affluent. 

Hence the latest rush for the purchase of firearms and ammunition is setting records across the country, causing significant delays in the background and approval systems. NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation) research indicates about 40% of 2020 firearm purchasers are first time buyers, 25 percent of these first-time buyers had already taken some form of firearms safety course and 63 percent inquired about taking a firearms safety course in the near future. It is estimated there are approximately three million new firearms owners in our country this year. 

In the 1992 Los Angeles riots, when law enforcement completely pulled out of portions of the city, Korean American business owners took up arms to protect their stores from rioters and looters. They were not taking the law into their own hands. They were hard working, everyday citizens who were simply defending themselves. The “Rooftop Koreans” became a symbol of self-reliance and the power of the Second Amendment. They have inspired businesses, groups and individuals to defend themselves the same way today. 

With law enforcement resources being spread thinner and thinner around the country, brazen physical attacks on officers becoming more common, political restrictions limiting and preventing police action to arrest and maintain order, more and more law-abiding citizens are purchasing firearms and getting training.  These people are realizing the Second Amendment is still relevant today and that now, more than ever, YOU are and always will be your own first responder.  Your safety and the safety of your family is YOUR responsibility, just like it always has been.  


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