Those Damn Racist Norwegians??

Rant Warning: In case you missed it in the news recently, a Michigan Bed & Breakfast removed their Norwegian flag following accusations of promoting racism when their flag was mistaken for a Confederate flag. After “at least a dozen hateful emails” and twice as many comments about it, the owners of the Nordic Pineapple, Greg and Kjersten Offenecker, removed the Norwegian flag and an American flag that flew on the opposite side of the porch.  

No matter if you see history or hate in the Confederate Battle Flag, what kind of reactionary social justice moron does it take to mistake a Norwegian flag for the Confederate flag? 

Even if someone didn’t recognize it as being the official flag of Norway, confusing it with the Confederate flag is a HUGE stretch. Look at the picture, is it even conceivable the two could be confused? Take a look at the flags of the world someday and start counting how many flags are come combination of red, white and blue with some kind of stripes and / or stars. 

Of course, it’s not like there weren’t any other clues to the origin of the flag, like the name of the business – The Nordic Pineapple – or the owners, Greg and Kjersten Offenecker. 

What this sad situation does show is the lack of intelligence and blind willingness to follow the mob mentality of our current social justice ‘wokeness’. So willing to accuse anyone or anything of racism, the actual facts, the truth and cold hard reality are easily pushed aside. It doesn’t matter if innocent lives and businesses are destroyed as long as you are able to say someone is a racist! 

Even though the facts conclusively prove otherwise, we are told to believe all of law enforcement is guilty of systemic racism. The criminal justice system, racist. The entertainment industry, racist. Sports, racist. Every business, restaurant or entertainment venue, racist. YOU as someone who is reading this??? You must also be a racist. 

All of this goes to further highlight that if you are looking at the world through racist glasses, all you are going to see is racists. Accusing someone or labeling something as being racist these days has very little to do with that person or thing actually being racist. It does however speak volumes about the accuser’s bias. 

Is this what our society has become? Are we so willing to destroy the businesses and lives of others over something we can’t be bothered to confirm for ourselves? 

To Greg and Kjersten Offenecker, I am sorry your own community succumb to the mob mentality without thinking. That Greg, a United States Navy veteran who served in Desert Storm, and Kjersten, whose father was from Norway, the parents of three including two adopted black children, should have to suffer for the sheer ignorance of the race baters among us intolerable. 

Tell me again how the social justice warriors are improving our country. 


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